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This site is owned and operated by the Foodman family (known as Foudmann in France).


We are seeking information about Benjamin Foodman,  born December 1874 along with his siblings and parents (Yusef/Joseph Foodman and Fannie Liebe).  We are also related to the Rappaport's in the picture above and we are looking for their living ancestors.


If you are a Foodman or believe you are related to us, please use the Contact Form to reach Jason so we can explore (we're working on a family tree which I am happy to share with you as well!).

Picture Above

Pictured above, starting at bottom closest to photographer and going around the table to the right:


Nat Rappaport and his wife, Phil Rappaport and his wife,  then Jack and Minnie Foodman, George Rappaport, Joseph and Molly Foodman, Lou and Freda (with Lou's arm around her) Foodman, and Hilda Foodman.


If anyone is mis-identified or you have more information about those whose names are missing please Contact Us.


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